Psychotherapy with Children and Parents

Most adults experience periods of emotional vulnerability. Being neurologically immature, young children are even more susceptible to overwhelm. This might take the form of intense fears of separation, regression in potty learning, aggressive or withdrawn behavior, or sleeping and feeding difficulties. Sometimes the causes are obvious: witnessing a traumatic event or extensive conflict between parents. Other times the child’s struggles seem mysterious but no less concerning. A temperamental mismatch between the parents and the child can impact the latter’s development and add even more stress to an already highly challenging endeavor. The good news is that nearly all parents want to be able to support their child’s growth, and they intuitively understand the parent-child relationship as the primary source of the child’s ability to navigate intense fears, feel safe and understood, and return to the work of growing up.

As a child-parent therapist, I focus first on supporting the parents’ capacity to tolerate the intense feelings that are part-and-parcel of raising little kids. I notice what parents do well and help them expand on it. Using interactive play as the medium, I enhance the emotional communication between child and parent, providing relevant developmental information when needed. I also am available to offer guidance to and collaborate with other caregivers in the child’s life, including preschool teachers and staff, extended family, and nannies.

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Parent Consultation

Although many parents have been warned previously about the challenges of raising young children, few feel truly prepared for the stress and complexity that come with parenting. Every parent experiences self-doubt, especially when each developmental turn feels new. Even the most self-assured and driven parents sometimes struggle to find a way of understanding and dealing with their child’s behavior.

Parents come to me when they realize they don’t have the answers they need to raise their children in accordance with their values and dreams. Parents come to me when there has been a big event in the family, such as a divorce or death, that has derailed their child’s development. Parents come to me when they have exhausted their own inner resources and realize they need help. What they find is someone who supports their growth as a parent, emphasizes the strength of the child-parent relationship, and collaborates with them in solving problems that seem to be intractable.

Parent coaching may be a one-time occurrence for some families. Others may wish to have longer-term support and guidance. Some parents reach out to me on an “as needed” basis.

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